Brand Identity

Resturant Seoul

Restaurant Seoul's challenge

- Great resturants need great branding

Based on several analyses and tests I discovered that Restaurants Seoul’s promotion did not appeal to either their audience. I found insights about the audience by quantitative and qualitative empirical data collections with primary research including interview, observations and survey and secondary research mainly consisting of market reports. It did all lead up to one challange:

How can I rebrand Restaurant Seoul to appeal to a wider target audience?



- All in one book

Restaurants Seoul's solution was a stunning new brand identity that did sum up all the intangible values that makes Restaurant Seoul an amazing restaurant. Exactly to create beautiful branding that connects values and audience was the solution proven to appeal to a wider audience.

RESTAURANT SEOUL IS AN authentic korean Resturant, serving TRADITIONAL korean BBQ.

RESTAURANT SEOUL HAS friendly atmosphere, welcoming family and FRIENDS

This verbal brand definition has big focus on the key words: AUTHENTIC, TRADITIONAL, and FRIENDLY